Welcome to Synergy Land Services Ltd.

Synergy Land Services, founded in 2006, is a full-service land broker, with its head office located in Calgary and branch offices in Fort Macleod, St. Albert, Regina, Brandon, Fort St. John and Cambridge. In a bid to distinguish ourselves from our competitors, we felt that our company name had to stand out and be indicative of our core beliefs. We were drawn to the word synergy as it seemed to best describe our fundamental conviction of working together toward the greater good. The definition below supports our belief that communities and energy companies can coexist in harmony. Whether a project entails bringing heat to homes, power to agriculture, or individuals to family via roadways, our job is to make every effort to ensure that a positive outcome is reached. That means we consult with, listen to, and work with parties involved on both sides to achieve mutually agreeable results.

Through professionalism, continuous training, and genuine care for the communities where we work,
we aim to achieve true synergy with the public and industry.

Synergy: [noun] a mutually advantageous
conjunction of distinct elements.