crown land sales

Synergy’s dedicated Crown land sales team has over 20 years’ experience in handling land sales across Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba).  We respect that Crown land sales are highly confidential and bidder identity must be protected, which is why we have processes in place to ensure that Crown land sale information is safeguarded at all times.

For your confidentiality, we have four names from which to choose when bidding at land sales:

Synergy Land Services Ltd. I Elk Run Resources Ltd. I Buffalo Hill Resources Ltd. I Cougar Creek Land Ltd.

We offer discounts to clients using our services for Alberta and Saskatchewan land sales, as both Provinces use ETS or IRIS to submit their bids.


•  bid letter preparation
•  hand-delivery of your bid(s) for British Columbia and Manitoba land sales
•  letter of authorization (LOA)
•  Crown inquiries
•  rental payments, on an as-requested basis
•  client notifications
•  competitive rates (discount for unsuccessful bids)
•  no charge for LOA’s, Crown inquiries or transfers
•  no-charge for travel to British Columbia or Manitoba land sales

For any Crown land sale questions or inquiries, please contact Kevin Koopman or Rima Tober on our CROWN HOTLINE (403) 930-3310 or email Rima directly at